General Description:

Full service tandem hydrovac vacuum truck for daylighting (aka potholing or hydro-vacing).  We can trench, install shallow environmental monitoring wells, soil vapour probes, or perform subsurface utility verification for Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) at construction sites.  The great part of using a Blue Max vacuum truck is that we always come prepared to support other drill rigs.  We can jump ahead of a drill rig and daylight prior to drilling and then come back behind and concrete in well covers and perform site clean up so the drill rig can keep drilling.

Debris tank can hold 10,000L (10m3) of soil and water.

​We can also perform sewer clean-outs and storage tank washing with this unit.

Blue Max always has a jackhammer on board for surface breaking!

Hydrovac Truck - Vactor

Hydrovac Truck - Vactor