General Description:

Heli-Portable: Full service sonic drill rig as a helicopter portable unit, used on major projects since summer 2016. Each module is less than 1,900 lbs, allowing for small helicopter transport in remote access areas. This is a multi-functional unit that can sonic drill and conventional diamond drill (rock drill) for geotechnical, hydrogeological, environmental or exploration purposes. Two hydraulic power packs are utilized to operate the machine when sonic drilling. The rig is a fully functioning sonic drill, capable of 4x6 sonic drilling and BQ, NQ and HQ diamond drilling. The drill has a 140lb SPT auto hammer, drill guarding and quick change drill head for sonic or diamond core drill drilling.

Rig Capabilities:

  • 4" x 6" rod/casing drill system with 7" to 8" over casing available
  • SPT / DCPT / Shelby Tube / Vane Shear Testing
  • Auto Hammer
  • CPT Capable
  • Diamond Drilling (Rock Coring)
  • Angle Drilling 

Drill Depths:

  • Sonic: 200ft (60m)
  • Diamond Drilling: 1,500ft (750m) (HQ)



General Description:

For use on transmission line projects, geotechnical investigations, environmental investigations, Blue Max's fleet of mini track rigs can provide heli-portable drilling options for a wide range of projects.

We have four (4) helicopter portable mini track rigs in our fleet.  Please contact us for specific information on each of them, including rig weights and depth capabilities.

Drilling using auger, air rotary and core drill methods, we can provide services on many different sites.  We also have a partnership with a high-angle, mountain terrain anchor drilling specialist to serve many of your rock anchor needs. 

Rock Anchor drilling in the mountains

Rock Anchor drilling in the mountains